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BASF Care Chemicals Webinars

Formulating across Home Care and I&I:
New Insights into Trilon® M

Join us as we discuss the latest market trends and the benefits of Trilon M in different industries. Michael Capracotta, Technical Group Leader — Home Care, will showcase new findings in Trilon M, including novel uses and benefits for this ingredient. This webinar helps you to learn the latest insights on formulating with BASF's innovative ingredient.

Driving Change: Sustainable sourcing of palm oil

Learn about the complex palm topic, retailer requirements and available solutions. Get a retailer's perspective and discover why this topic is so important to your business.

Explore the Latest Breakthroughs in Men's Care and Sustainability

Manasi Chavan, PhD, Technical Service Team Manager, is showcasing the latest bioactive launches to meet the market’s un-met needs. Speci'Men™, the first bioactive ingredient from BASF specifically developed for men, is 100% natural and targets versican, a proteoglycan that accumulates with aging in men’s skin. Argassential™, the newest ingredient from BASF's sustainable argan program, is clinically proven to plump and firm the skin through the dual action of collagen production and optimized adipogenesis.

The Emotional Power of Consumer Buying Habits

Learning Beats Knowing! There is nothing as exciting as discovering something new. There's so much information, technology and product variety available to us, it's become increasingly difficult to filter out what's not relevant. We're overwhelmed with choice. What drives a consumer purchase today (beauty or otherwise) is finding an emotional connection to a brand or product. While we believe we're making a logical, left brain decision when we shop, 80% of purchase decisions are right brain — completely emotional. These emotional connections are forged through sensory cues.

Natural Ingredients in Personal Care

Anna Kethey, North America Skin Care Marketing Manager at BASF, will provide insights on the US natural personal care market and consumer needs. She will also highlight exciting natural ingredients from BASF product portfolio along with sample formulations. Anna brings experience from supplier and finished goods companies in her career to her role at BASF. Her unique perspective offers resources to our customers as well as connecting the market and consumer needs. Anna also focuses on Body Care, Antiperspirant/Deodorant and Wipes market segments for BASF Skin Care Marketing in North America.

Color Care Formulation Guide

Stephanie Biagini, Cosmetic Chemist for BASF, is constantly experimenting with new materials to come up with the next "Wow" product to meet un-met Market Needs. She will share her industry expertise in Color Care including a detailed examination of ingredients, formulations and problem solving in the lab.
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