September Creations
is about
Hair Care
This month's Creations Newsletter focuses on hair care, in particular, the emphasis on hair care products that are natural and sustainable.
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Formulator's Focus
Insider Advice for Formulators
Rosa Nicolini, an Application Chemist and a member of the Hair & Body Application Technology Team offers her advice.
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Forecasting Trends
Natural Hair Care
Natural hair care products have far exceeded industry expectations as a category outperforming …
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New Product Spotlight
Dehyton® AO 45
BASF is delighted to introduce to the marketplace the world's first commercial algae derived betaine.
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BASF University
The "Green" Roots of APG®s: Nonionic surfactants, originating from plants
The history and development of Alkyl Polyglucosides (APG®s) …
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Meet The Team
Jay Bhatt
Jay Bhatt is the Group Leader Hair & Body Application Technology for Personal Care North America. Jay brings 12 years of experience working in the personal care industry as …
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