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Body Care
June’s Creations Newsletter focuses on our unique innovative chemistry products delivering exciting benefits in the Body Care market ...
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Formulator's Focus
Insight for Formulators
Ayana Khachatorian, Application Chemist, is an integral part of the Skin Care team at BASF. She channels her insider knowledge of BASF technology and ingredients...
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Spotlight on SWOP™ Emulsions Technology
Switch Oil Phase Technology, SWOP™, is an emulsion concept that inverts its phases during application ...
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New Product Spotlight
Hispagel® 200 is an excellent multifunctional ingredient that provides rheology modification and moisturizes the skin, while boosting the stability ...
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Hispagel 200
BASF University Videos
AM600 PF
Watch our new video on AM600 PF, a cold process-able aesthetic modifier for skin care applications ...
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Meet The Team
Anna Kethey
Anna Kethey, Skin Care Marketing Manager for North America, brings her experience from supplier and finished goods companies in her decade long career to her role at BASF ...
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