April Creations is about Hair Care
This month's Creation's Newsletter focuses on some of the latest innovative products launched in the Hair Care industry and the BASF team that can ...
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Formulator's Focus
Insider Insight for Formulators
Jay Bhatt — Group Leader-Hair & Body Application Technology, NA — is expert in the latest products that are trending...
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Forecasting Trends
BASF prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends and forecasts, and that certainly includes the Gen-Z youth.
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New Product Spotlight
Luviset® Clear
Luviset® Clear is the perfect styling aid for the development of specific textures, with high humidity resistance ...
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BASF University Video
Luviset® One
Luviset® One the all-in-one solution for hair styling gels, creams and waxes.
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Katherine Burnett Image
Meet The Team
Katherine Burnett
Katherine Burnett, Head of Marketing Personal Care NA, always makes sure that she keeps the customer as her top priority ...
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