BASF .. Creations Newsletter .. Issue 2 .. February 2015
February Creations Is About Color Care
This month's creations newsletter is full of great stories and information about the people and innovations on our Color Care Team ...
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Formulator's Focus
Stephanie's Tips & Tricks
Stephanie Biagini, Cosmetic Chemist, shares her insider advice for formulators.
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Forecasted Trends Come to Life
Our BASF Team enjoys seeing our trend scouting come to life for our customers. In 2013, BASF forecasted key trends ...
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Effect Pigment Technical Platforms
Understand the basic chemistry and formulations of our full line of Effect Pigment Technical Platforms ...
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Coconut Oil Image
Certifying a Sustainable Filipino Coconut Oil

A trail-blazing sustainability project is underway in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao to create an agricultural, cultural, and ...
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Meet The Team
It’s clear that Jeanmarie Cakouros' innate fashion sense and discerning eye for color permeates throughout her role as Color Care Marketing Manager ...
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