November Creations
is about
Skin Care
This month's Creation's Newsletter focuses on the important developments, trends and formulations in the Skin Care industry ...
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Skin Care Image
Introducing Our NEW Skin Care Polymer Toolbox
Consumers are seeking novel experiences from skin care products.
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Forecasted Trends
Come to Life
Papaya Energizing Mask
As a proof of principle the BASF team regularly monitors commercial launches to identify ...
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New Product Spotlight
Newly Launched Bioactive: Argassential™
The newest ingredient from the BASF's Sustainable Argan Program addresses both lipoatrophy and ...
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Effect Pigments at BASF
New Product Spotlight
Newly Launched Bioactive: Speci'Men™
The first bioactive ingredient from BASF specifically developed for men.
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Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Join us at the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase and learn more about BASF's presence at this show ...
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