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Formulator's Focus

Insider Advice for Formulators

Uma Kulkarni is the Technical Service Manager — Skin and Sun Care North America. She holds a Master's Degree in Cosmetic Science from Nagpur University in India and brings more than a decade of work experience in formulation chemistry to BASF. One of her key responsibilities is to monitor the evaluation of products at key accounts to maximize the business potential for the customer.

The Key to Success

Uma understands that the key to success is to stay very sharp in terms of market dynamics and customer requirements, while continually exploring new technologies and methodologies. She acknowledges that this is no easy task. Customer needs are constantly changing and new formulations and products must reflect this reality. For example, customers want more and more functionality such as quick results, great feel, or different textures.

Embrace Change

The key to unlocking creativity is to embrace change. Have no fear, challenge yourself, think differently, think beyond just crafting product concepts, and remember that BASF has the expertise and resources to support you. At BASF, we work every single day on creative skin science solutions and we support these solutions with research and resolution to build your perfect product profile. We enhance our vast portfolio and our knowledge with our talent and resources for the sole purpose of providing this expertise to you, the formulation chemist. Real know-how is imperative to keep abreast of industry trends.
For instance, customers are now looking to create global formulations, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest sunscreen ingredients and regulations. Two new organic UV filters, Tinosorb® M and Tinosorb® S, are photo-stable and offer broad-spectrum protection between 3.8 times and 5.1 times more than Avobenzone at its maximum use level, which is the most common UVA filter in the U.S. Though they are pending FDA approval, the Sunscreen Innovation Act requires the FDA to provide a quicker response time to UV filter submissions, so we highly recommend testing them in your formulations so you are prepared when they are approved for use in U.S. market.
If you are looking for physical filters, BASF offers innovation to meet these needs as well. More customers are demanding non-nano Zinc Oxide, and we have options that meet this particle size requirement. Our non-nano grades, Z-Cote™ LSA (coated) and Z-Cote™ LSA UC (uncoated), help to achieve the new FDA criteria of broad-spectrum protection, while delivering superior formulation benefits.
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No Question Too Big or Too Small

We often get questions from customers on ingredient incompatibilities and how it impacts product stability and efficacy. Please ask us questions. Let’s solve problems together! At BASF, we are dedicated to supporting you in solving the formulation puzzle and troubleshooting errors. We feel accomplished when we resolve pressing issues by giving you the solutions required to address your queries. This defines job satisfaction for us!

Formulate with a commitment and be proud of your creation

Enjoy each and every step of product development — the research, the ideas, brainstorming on claims and product criteria, selecting ingredients, and even designing the process. Based on my formulation experience over the years, having a sense of commitment and belonging definitely reflects in your approach of creating something exceptional. Connect yourself with the product, and strive for excellence in your formulation. Treat every experiment as a learning experience and one step towards success. As your creation is launched successfully in the market, the immense joy, and proud feeling that you as a formulator and our team at BASF experiences is incredible and beyond words. We at BASF are committed to add the most value for our customers and, ultimately, to end consumers.

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