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October Creations is about Sun Care

October's Creations Newsletter focuses on the innovative products and formulations we are offering in support of the Sun Care industry.
We invite you to enjoy this issue, learn more about current trends and best of all, meet our team!
This month's Formulator's Focus section highlights the creativity and insight of Uma Kulkarni, who challenges her colleagues and customers alike to embrace change, be fearless and enjoy the process of new product development.
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Our Forecasting Trends section showcases a distinctive new sunscreen for men that evolves from light and fresh into rich and luxurious upon application. This unique spray application product shields against photo-aging and reduces sun-induces fine line formation. Also in our showcase is a supercharged anti-pollution moisturizer that also offers broad spectrum UV protection. This moisturizer's multi-action age defenders intercept damage before it starts.
In our New Product Spotlight, innovative formulations for Sun Care are the focus, as broad spectrum UV protection continues to expand from beachwear and into daily wear moisturizers. Learn more about how to incorporate emollients, which play a key functional role in achieving proper formulation aesthetics, such as providing an ideal medium to properly disperse inorganic UV filters like zinc oxide. Optimized stability, feel and function are all dependent on the proper selection.
Don’t miss the fascinating article in this month's BASF University. Learn about the challenge of uniform UVA and UVB protection at different SPF's in the US and globally. Anticipated action by the FDA will have the potential to change this landscape dramatically, not only here in the US, but also globally as it will allow increased global collaboration.
And, in our Meet the Team section, we are pleased to introduce Uma Kulkarni, Technical Service Manager — Skin and Sun Care North America. She shares how she identifies the technical benefits of commercial and developmental products, determines the correct fit in industry applications, and then is able to promote the benefits, always with the objective of generating new business for her customers. Uma also discusses her background and her excitement about BASF and the future trends she sees.
Enjoy the October newsletter, and please share your feedback!

The Sun Care Team


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Uma Kulkarni, Technical Service Manager — Skin and Sun Care North America,

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