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September Creations focuses on Oral Health
At BASF, we are committed to innovating formulations to promote Oral Health…
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Woman brushing teeth
Asian Woman flossing
Oral Health for Overall Wellness
There is a well-known synergic relationship between oral health and overall wellness. The body's natural defenses and good oral care can keep …
Asian Woman flossing
What type of Whitening are you going for?
White teeth are the quickest way to convey vitality and glamour in our image conscious society. According to experts, two groups of consumers have emerged …
President Obama Signs Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform
Alkyl Polyglucoside (APG®) — A Top Natural Ingredient for Oral Care
As the current trend towards green and natural continues to grow in the health and beauty industry …
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Bisabolol & Vitamin E Maintain Healthy Gums
Although people tend to pay more attention to teeth, sparkling white teeth are not the only sign of a healthy mouth. Gums play a very important role in maintaining …
Polymers for Sensorial Experience
BASF is committed to leading the way with innovation that improves the quality of the formulations manufactured …
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