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Multicultural Trends from Around the Globe

Middle East


Veiled Hair

Between 2010 and 2050, the Muslim population is set to increase to 73% (currently 35%) of the world's total population and will reach 2.8 billion people. Source: Pew Research Center, 2015
Formulators responding to the hair care needs of this increasing market will need to take into consideration the wearing of hijab. Veiled hair creates changes such as lack of ventilation and sun exposure, which in turn can lead to itchy scalp, greasiness, unpleasant odor, hair loss, dandruff, and reduced volume.

Formulators Need Products that:

BASF Ingredients to help address the issues:



Protection from Pollution

Pollution is the third highest concern of Chinese women aged 20–49. Source: Mintel
Protecting hair from external pollutants will be critical considerations for formulators serving the Asian marketplace.

Formulators Need Products that Reduce Damage due to:

BASF Ingredients to help address the issues:

South America


Sensitive Scalps and Fragile Hair

Throughout South America, shampoos and conditioners are more likely to be dermatologically tested (17% compared to 11% globally) and are more likely to have a neutral pH (12% compared to 7% globally). Source: Mintel
Formulators should consider products that are suitable for sensitive scalps and fragile hair that may have been damaged by treatments such as bleaching or straightening.

Formulators Need Products that are:

BASF Ingredients to help address the issues:

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