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Hair Care
meets DIY!

More and more consumers are now achieving "Do-It-Yourself" in the hair care marketplace, with the goal of salon results at home. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair color segments targeting multicultural beauty are experiencing steady increases due to fewer salon visits, availability of multicultural brands in mainstream stores and the natural hair trend — all stemming from consumers increasingly embracing their cultural identities.
This movement drives the requirement for products addressing specific needs but also consumer education on their benefits and usage regimen.

The Need for Curl Control

In order to understand curly hair and its needs there are some aspects of hair we need to be aware of:
  1. Curl and wave pattern is varied from hair to hair: a) well-defined/ bouncy or b) tight curls/coils
  2. Porosity, ability to absorb and hold moisture: the tighter the hair curls and coils, the less protection from damage
  3. Density, how closely individual hairs are packed on the scalp: the tighter the hair curls and coils, the higher the volume

Hair Regimens for Beautiful Curls

  1. Shampoo has to offer conditioning to help hair to a more manageable porosity level and prevent dry-scalp. It is important to formulate Sulfate free products.
  2. Develop cleansing conditioners as shampoo replacements for clean and conditioned hair.
  3. Deep conditioning is also important, in the form of formulations for oils, creams, replenishment masks, and scalp care balms used with less frequency, for example, those products recommended for use twice a month.
  4. Leave in conditioner formulations for products such as sprays and creams to detangle and control frizz and recommended for use after every wash.
  5. Styling curly hair with medium density requires formulations to enhance curls and play up volume. Just the opposite is needed for hair with coils type curls, here the goal is holding the curls and reducing volume. Other formulations include sprays for curl definition, serums for shine/polish and frizz control, curl friendly foams, heat protectants, and moisturizing balms.
  6. Another niche area is formulations for Edge Control products, moisturizing, strong-hold edge control gels for both curls and coils that securely lays down the hairline.

BASF Recommended Formulations

Remember that your formulation challenge is our formulation challenge! We live each day at BASF Personal Care expanding our portfolio and our expertise for the singular reason of supporting you and your formulators!
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