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Trends in Expanding Market Segments

The Focus on Natural Haircare Styling for Consumers of African Descent

The natural haircare movement is greatly shaping the haircare market for consumers of African descent. Sales of styling products continue to increase and now make up a distinct percent of African descent haircare. With the increase in demand for natural styling products, consumers are now, more than ever, seeking products that care for and maintain their hair's natural features.
The move towards natural styles has consequently affected sales of relaxers, presenting increasing opportunities for natural solutions to enter the market. Historically, consumers had more of a reactive approach to repairing damage to their hair. Today, there are numerous products on the market that enable them to be more proactive.
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This proactive approach has given rise to three new trends:
  1. Consumers of African descent are searching for products that are safer and seen as less harmful alternatives to relaxers.
  2. There is a need for transitioning products to transition from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair as there is a need to manage these two very different hair textures (hybrid styling).
  3. More importantly, there is emphasis on embracing a natural look and sacrificing chemical treatments to avoid further damage to their tresses.

BASF formulations for consumers of African descent looking for Natural Haircare Styling solutions

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