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January Creations focuses on Smart + Seamless
January Creations Newsletter is about Smart + Seamless, a Trend forecasted by BASF last year, which should peak in 2017.
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Formulator's Focus
Achieving Smart + Seamless
Intelligent technology, now part of all of our daily lives, also exists in the world of beauty products. Matte textures and laboratory-inspired tones inspire...
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Introducing the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year
The Pantone of today started as a graphic standards system for professional designers in 1963 and has morphed into ...
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BASF university videos
Radiant Effect Pigments
Radiant skin continues to be a reflection of timeless beauty & glamour. The magical words in color cosmetics these days are "radiance" and "glow". Consumers are placing greater emphasis ...
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Argassential™ and the Argan Tree
There is a high level of consumer expectancy regarding the intrinsic appeal of cosmetic products, ingredients, and results. Smooth lines, flawless finishes, and intuitive details create ...
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Simplicity — Introducing Cosmedia® Gel CC
Smart + Seamless trend is inspired by elements such as glossy versus matte, architectural details versus ...
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